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Sunday, April 11, 2010

the ghosts of these dark hills

the ghosts of these dark hills

if i could see the flowers growing as van gogh once saw flowers grow
then these poems would twist and writhe upon the page in torment slow
splash and swirl with yellow passion, hock and spit a madman’s green
vomit blues and blacks across the night in a sky stark and obscene
but my eyes are forced to faces and catch the bend of breaking backs
as black and bitter coal comes crushing down on souls in shacks

if i could hear the voice of war come floating down throughout the years
as once made forever living by beethoven’s dying ears
then these poems would ache with steel come screeching down from scarlet sky
and tremble with the clatter of the body carts piled high
but the gunfire on blair mountain is all i hear above the din
the scream of mortality realized from the mouths of murdered men

if i could feel the gulf stream churning ‘neath the thin hull of my boat
catch the sun on marlin burning as hemingway once wrote
then these poems would clip and clatter with precise, staccato prose
and when i’m old and fatter i’d trip the trigger with my toes
but it’s the feel of my forefather’s flesh wearing my skin like a glove

that defines me and reminds me what my soul’s shroud is made of

these poems are of my body, the rhymes my rhyming limbs
the meter is the beating of my blood through ink stained veins
i chortle and i chuckle, i grumble and i roar
i throw myself at heaven and i fall back on the floor
i have nothing left of charming words or pretty paint and pleasing sound
nothing but the ghosts of these dark hills who await me in the ground

On August 2nd, I will turn sixty.

And sometime in the course of this year I will pass the 30-year mark in my private war. I really don’t know what to call it. Can one man be considered an army outside of military recruitment ads and video games?

Guerilla action would be more correct. I'm just looking for a few good men...and women...and gays...and lesbians...and undecideds and monosexuals...hell, we’ll even take heterosexuals but they’ll have to sit in the back of the van on field join up.

By the way, I am a pacifist. A choice not all atheists make, but one I see as an essential corollary to admitting life ends with the death of the brain. An executed man no longer exists. That puts him beyond the possibility of punishment or learning, from any continuation of his sordid life or a change that wells up inside the worst of us at times. We understand this, of course. Or don’t you know the adage: There’s no use beating a dead horse.

A pacifist is a person who fights with his mind not his fists.

But then, that's where all wars are fought: in the minds of men. Killing a man is the ultimate admission that you have no logical and rational answer to the arguments he is presenting. That applies to both sides of the Apocalypse as well...or rather, all three sides.

Judaism complacently going about taking back all the land their God gave them when they first went into Palestine, at least, according to their legends. The same God, by the way, who commanded genocidal warfare to rid the land of those impertinent enough to be living there at the time.

Islam doing the same thing only with them it isn't so much the land as the world they're after.

And in the third corner, we've got Christian Zionism...the first national religion the United States has had since we got rid of the Church of England...and the most evil.


Let me give it to you in a nutshell...what it took me years to learn then even longer to recover from...if I have at all.
Some people call it Christian Nationalism but I feel they are narrowing their focus to what is happening. I refer to it as Christian Zionism because their aim is to rule the world as kings and queens and royalty in a revivied Kingdom of David ruled out of Jerusalem by Christ himself

Christian Zionism teaches that War is Good and Peace is Evil.

Christian Zionism teaches that the man who brings peace to the Middle East will be the Antichrist and the true Christ will be revealed when, just as the world is about to destroy itself in a paroxysm of religious mania the like of which has never occurred in the history of mankind, he returns to take his vengeance on his enemies.

Christian Zionism teaches that the deaths of coming and that incredible slaughter is the work of their God. And they are happy about it.

Christian Zionism teaches that these deaths occur with the sole purpose of forcing the Jews to convert to Christianity or be killed in a Holocaust sent down from heaven by God.

Christian Zionism believes that their believers will be taken bodily into heaven for seven years while this slaughter on earth is occurring.

Christian Zionism teaches that, after the deaths of billions, they will return to earth and rule the world for a thousand years from a One World Kingdom established in the city of Jerusalem.

Christian Zionism is a Premillenarian Sect. No problem there, we've had them around in every generation since this whole mess got started. Even the followers of Jesus...and Jesus himself...believed the world was about to end way back then. Gee, you think God Incarnate would have known when the ending of the world was coming, wouldn't you?

The one thing that is absolutely true about Premillenarian Sects:

They are always, always wrong.

We are living in a dying empire. This last worldwide financial crisis we brought about through our greed is jumpstarting what was before a gradual shift of the world economy to the Pacific Rim countries and Indian. Our military efforts have only shown the futility of imposing change on a people at the point of a gun...and the lack of honor a supposedly free state would be to attempt such a vile thing.

In a few more years, whites will be a minority in this country. Do you really think they're going to turn the country over without a fight?

Christian Zionism is evil.

It's too late to change. Probably was thirty years ago when I first started warning people of this day. And you know the funny thing, the really side-splittingly hilarious part? Even though it's happening before our eyes nobody is talking about it. Not a peep out of the media.

Nobody’s talking about if except for a few of us Atheist Guerillas.


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  • Traitor to His Class: The Privileged Life and Radical Presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt


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