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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

There Is No God

How did we get to a place in our world that to use the word 'truth' was to mark yourself as uneducated, unsophisticated and a rube?

I blame the arrogance of the hard sciences.  Here's a clue, guys:

You do not live in a quantum world.

You live in a world where you have to go to the bathroom and poop a couple of times a day.

Physics makes lousy philosophy.  I remembered my allegiance to Ayn Rand's Objectivism was totally shattered when I heard of the Particle/Wave dichotomy.  This was years ago when the idea first came out and everyone saw it is as proof that minds control the universe.  You don't change the Particle into a Wave and back through your observation like the psuedosci misuse this anomaly and ignore the rational explanation for this phenomena.

What I saw was that this phenomena disproved Rand's basic premise...or, rather, exposing the inherent weakness of her argument::

A is A and cannot be B

Simple enough when you're talking about a rock and a fish.  But the Particle/Wave dichotomy destroyed the underlying assumption of her philosophy since:

Light can be a particle or a wave depending on which you are looking for.

The fatal flaw of Objectivism was that it required a single perspective.  A leader whose perspective on the world was perfect and, more importantly, the criteria by which what is and isn't Objective is determined..

Ayn Rand boasted of how she lived her life objectively and rationally.  She ended up a petty cult leader just like Jim Jones only poisoning minds instead of bodies.  I don't know if any of you have ever had the "Guru Experience."  I have.  Only a freed slave knows the meaning of the saying:  "If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him."  Or as like to put it:  "If you meet Christ on the road, kill him".

About hard scientists all I can say is you can have your teapot orbiting the sun, the world we live in is not that large, the population of our species not that great.  Since this planet and our species are not infinite, then we a can make truth statements based on observation and experimentation.

This idea of an avowed atheist refusing to say 'There is no God' because of infinite theory is humiliating to all the great men who came before us.

The truth is there is no God.

How can I say that?  Because we can trace the idea of deity through the history of mankind.  We can see how the God we have now is a product of the exchange of ideas between men.  The reason this God did not create the world...or, at least, Intelligently Design because the God we have now did not exist at the creation of the world.  He only came in to being as a reactionary and defensive move by Christians backed into a corner by the truth and having to pile another self serving lie onto the teetering tower of lies that is religion.

Look at it this way.  We can trace the development of the plow from a stick in the ground right up to the newest John Deere.  Because we can do this mental exercise without reference to the supernatural then we can say with confidence that the plow is a human artifact.

We can trace the development of God right from the first clap of thunder to the Crystal Cathedral and we can do this without reference to the supernatural.  Why do we draw back from the obvious conclusion that God is a human construction?

Money and power.  Control over the minds of others.  The whole Great American Fame Package that includes unlimited sex with multiple partners as would befit the Leader of the Pack.

What?  Were you under the impression religion is anything more than show business with a stick?

Show business is about appealing to the greatest number of people through advertising to come see a show.

Religion is about appealing to the greatest number of people through advertising to come see a show...and if you don't, you'll burn in Hell forever.

That's a big stick.

There is no God.  Religion is just a bunch of men motivated by the same greed and lust as any man working in an office.

Am I saying none of them start out sincere?  Of course not.  Sincerity is nothing but denial with a solemn look on its face.  What I am saying...and saying about religion in that the people who rise to positions of power have to shed themselves of the naive sincerity of their youth.

In a supernatural organization...they like to be called spiritual but that is a positive, emotive word that they do not deserve...the person with the most outlandish claims becomes the center of attention.  Since these claims are all false...and I've been through every brand and generic of religion and the one thing I can say for a fact:
is that in over half a century of involvement I never once saw anything that could even remotely be considered miraculous.

The dynamic of success in religion forces the worst men to the top.  The men who are willing to tell the most incredible lies become their leaders.  Are they sincere?  Hell no.  These are intelligent men.  They could just as easily gotten a library card and learned the truth.  They made a choice to remain ignorant based on the enormous profits to be made from religion.

The funny thing about the truth is there is no way of making money from it.

There is no God.

Oh, I know there are some people of accusing a handful of writers making millions off saying it.  Fools.  You can take everything that anyone has ever earned from avowing atheism and not have a fraction of what the Worldwide God Market makes in a day.

There is no God.

I like saying it here.  I'm afraid to say it to my boss or my friends or my family or the people on the bus.  How can you make profit...for that matter, how can you gain power...when you dare not speak the truth aloud.  Sure, there are still enclaves of freedom in this country, but the noose is tightening.

There is no God.

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