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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Reason and Madness

You want to couch the terms in "Reason and Faith."  But the opposite of reason is not faith.  The opposite of reason is irrationality...a person who has lost or forfeited their reason isn't faithful.  He is mad.

You believe that some three thousand years ago or more that the butchering of animals was a way of ridding yourself of the guilt brought on by your shameful actions.  That only a blood sacrifice could atone for your immorality.  Killing a lamb or a cow or a dove would somehow erase the responsibility for your actions.  What began as human sacrifice changed to the bloody evisceration of an animal and you think this act somehow made you pure.

You believe that two thousand years ago the blood of a sacrifice of a human being forgave you for any murder or rape or theft or incest or cruelty you may have committed or even imagined committing.

You believe the acceptance of this person's blood is what cleanses you of all the evil you have done to others.  That it isn't necessary for you personally to make recompense to the people you have harmed in your life.  That all you need do is believe...have faith...meaning, to accept without reason or evidence...that this final, ultimate act of murder...will assure you of an eternal afterlife of bliss.  You believe that anyone who rejects this blood soaked barbarity for what it truly is will be punished eternally for their 'faithlessness.'

This is what you believe, stripped of all the fine language and two thousand years of excuses piled high upon each other to bury the brutal reality of this fact behind a smoke screen of love.

It is madness from an age long past, still preached and believed in two thousand years afterwards.

This is more than ignorance, far more than foolishness.

To accept these things as true is madness, plain and simple.

And this madness must stop.

Now, with our generation.  By each of us and by all of us.  Humanity decrees this must be ended now.

There is no excuse to pass this down to our children and our grandchildren.

To teach a child these things is an act of abuse far greater than any physical or sexual harm we may do to them.

This abuse must not be permitted to continue.

All rational men and women must make it their single goal, their ultimate duty, to end this madness now, in our generation.

Only mad men and women would think otherwise.

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