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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Christian Morality and Education

Things happen along the way and whether you are a victim or a predator depends entirely on the moment in life you are at.  We all are good and evil, sure.  We all are capable of being good and evil.  I mean, it just isn’t fair.  It’s good and EVIL shoudn’t it be good and “bad”?  I think jumping straight from good to EVIL  right off the bat like that goes right over some very important gradations.  What ever happened to nice?  It’s become a taboo word in our society.  Nice is like calling someone a zombie.  Someone to be pitied ignored.  A clue word for fat on a blind date.  Would it hurt to throw in a couple of grades between A and F for Christ’s sake?  I’m not trying to clue you in on your own creation, High and Allrighty, but most of us are C students with an increasingly large percentage dropping out each month.  And if you are so omniscient how come you’ve never figured out how to grade on a curve, man?  This pass/fail shit is killing us. 
The only way they can sell Jesus anymore is to tell people that if you believe in him, him being the Big Enchilada’s Son and all, he can slip you out a copy of the answers for the final exam and you’ll sneak past and into heaven and still get to do all that bad stuff you did down here.  Talk about the best possible worlds.  Pascal wins big time.
Here’s the deal.  Religion has nothing to do with morality.
Religion is how to cheat.
Look at it this way.
Penalty for lusting after a woman in your heart?
Eternal damnation.
Penalty for carrying out the act and nailing her? 
Eternal damnation.
So where is the impetus to keep someone who already sees himself as damned from doing whatever they want to as a result?  Damned if you do, damned if you don’t so damn it just go ahead and do it.
Here’s the truth about Christian Morality:
Christian morality is based on lack of opportunity.  They don’t do things they never had the opportunity to do in the first place and pride themselves on their morality.  What to know what they are really like under the hypocritical surface?  Tell one of them you’re an atheist.
Tell a Christian you’re an atheist and the very first thing out of his mouth will be what he wants to do in his heart.
“You’re an atheist?  Then why don’t you just _______?”
Rape, murder, steal…whatever the Christian puts in the blank is what he wants to do in his heart and only his fear of Hell keeps him from the act itself.
The saddest response I ever got was when I told my doctor I was an atheist and she replied:
“If you’re an atheist, why don’t you just kill yourself?”
It’s sad, because one day she is going to die and when she does she will cease to exist just like every human who has ever lived before on this planet since Mother Eve and you know what?  Believing that isn’t going to happen, that you will survive death and live forever, is a lie.  Dare I call it a lie?  Sure do. 
Everyone who has ever has died.  No one has come back.  When every case of an event has the same result then someone who tells you he can get you a different result is a liar and you are a fool for believing him  Your faith is not in God.  You faith is in these madmen, these monsters, these criminals.
Do you have any idea what’s it like to grow up in a Christian family, a kid with a 145 IQ and reading Hemingway before I was ten, and being fed a steady stream of lies all your life?  It sucks.  I was ignored because my mother and father and brother thought I was weird.  All the time each of the three of them sexually abused me.  I was raised by television and books and movies.  But mostly books.  Everyone asks a kid what do you want to do when you grow up?  Then doesn’t pay attention to his response, pats him on the arm as he gently pushes you away and says “Stay in school.”
Everything I could come up with I wanted to do always ended with “And then write about it.”
After a while, even a kid begins to get the message.
Hell, I asked for a typewriter for my eleventh birthday.
But there was always a deeper reason, the fuel that drove the engine of my life.
I wanted to know the truth.
I believed there were truths that even God had to obey.  I didn’t realize that made me was a born heretic till years later.  It just made sense.  If God was who they said he was, then he had nothing to fear from objective truth.  The idea that God created truth, that anything he said was true simply because he said it, that truth was subjective and the whole purpose of mankind was to discover this subjective truth pronounced one and forever by God and submit himself unquestioning to this truth believing that any doubt or flat out denial of truth by objective experimentation was a lie simply because it came from the wrong source was insane.  When I grew older and understood Christians actually believed this, not only that, but this thinking was at the base of all Christian theology, and that I was damned to hell for believing there were truths that even God had to obey was the beginning of my lifelong struggle with religion, spirituality and…deep down in the darkest part of my soul…myself.
If God created truth yet could have created a world where other things were true then the concept of truth is meaningless. 
We are rats running a maze without an exit for the amusement of a Supreme Being who is a cruel voyeur. 
If truth is independent of God, then the question of God’s existence or lack thereof becomes not only a viable question…I mean, you can’t really question someone whose answer is always: “That’s the way I did it, shut up and eat your fish.”
There are children out there, millions of them, who have been homeschooled then sent to colleges specifically designed for homeschooled children or Christian colleges of some sort, all the way up to the graduate level if they want.  My parents believed in education.  Coming from the hollers of West Virginia they knew it was the only way out.  But still they required me to take ‘at least one year’ at a church college before going to a secular university.  They believed that this would inoculate me against the truth and keep me from losing my faith.
This Generation of Fools has been taught lies all their lives. 
They do not understand that there are truths available and that there are real scientists and real historians and real psychologists out there who study the data, create an hypothesis, test that hypothesis through experimentation, then publish their findings and conclusions in peer reviewed publications for others to attempt to repeat their experiment or refute their conclusions on the basis of newer or neglected evidence.  Accepting that there are people who know more than you do on a subject and you would be best studying the consensus opinions of these people from any field of scholarly endeavor before formulating your own beliefs is an act of humility.  Acknowledging that, because of your lack of an education, you do not have a place at the table when these things are discussed (no more than watching a football game on TV qualifies you to be a quarterback) requires an act of intellectual honesty few people possess. 
But most importantly, there is no way to make a profit by admitting this truth. 
If you’re young then you can begin a study in a field you are interested in.  This will cost you much money and much more time at the end of which you will be awarded an academic’s salary and the opportunity to do your own research and theorizing based on knowledge of what has already been tried and either succeeded or failed to prove adequate.  Dawkins, Sagan, Hawking and the handful of other names the public hears about may end up with book deals and speaking opportunities are the exception to academic success and certainly nowhere near the norm.  Add up all the wannabee movie stars, singers or just ‘celebrities’ out there and compare them to the number of people whose names you actually know from People magazine or Entertainment Tonight and you get an idea of the ratio.  Yet the fame (infamy) and profit motive are always implied or flat out stated in the criticism of their work and, by implication, the work of all scientists and scholars.
Projection, assuming your own motives in your enemies but denying them in yourself, is at the root of such criticism.  Vanity, the belief that your uneducated opinion is on a par with that of a person who has dedicated his life to the search for the truth, is subjectivism writ large.  They are the nobodies who ride the coattails of learned men by attaching their name to books, media and public speaking that do nothing but tell the ignorant what they want to hear and thus encourage and propagate future generations of sheep.
The homeschooled, the Christian educated, are fed on this pap.  Their only exposure is to uneducated men who start with what they want to prove…the existence of God or some myth surrounding his son…then work backwards to their data they feel contributes to proving what they had already accepted as true and without any rational reason for doing so.  Being taught nothing else from the time you were born till the time you went out into the world on your own…or rather, transferred from college to mega church…they don’t know how to think.  They have been indoctrinated, not educated.  They are the foot soldiers of the enemy.
To not educate your children in the truth of history and science is the worst, ugliest form of child abuse.  To deliberately stunt your own child’s mind is the act of a fiend. 
You don’t want to damn your children to hell by exposing them to the truth that would destroy their faith?  You think I am the one who wants to send your children to hell?
You are the one with hell in your mind.  You are the one who believes in this place.  You are the one who believes that this is a literal place, a place of perfect torment made by an omniscient, all powerful God for the sole purpose of tormenting those who do not believe in him all the while keeping them alive forever.  And you…not your God, don’t hide behind his back (neat trick since he doesn’t exist)…you are the one who would push your own child into this place to be tormented with sublime agony through all of eternity.
You are his judge.  Not me.  I want to tell your children to stop letting all that crap you put into his head about God screw up his life.  I want him to be free.  Something you would have wanted for him, too, if you weren’t so messed up yourself.

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