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Sunday, April 29, 2012

translucent trailed the tear

translucent trailed the tear
down her alabaster cheek
her pale, pink tongue slid out
then quickly in again
as she tasted her own sorrow
her eyes darted there but settled here
one corner of her red lips tic’ed a tweak
stifling a smile into a pout
at being caught to her chagrin
finding a place inside herself to wallow

she did not break her gaze or look away
and i, inebriated, rose to the challenge
the game became a contest and a dare
a dare i knew i dared not lose
yet had no idea what prize i’d gain
or what i’d forfeit if i had to pay
i only knew her skin so white and mine a sickly orange
from climates diseased beyond repair
and too much nameless, foreign booze
and a mind not yet mad but still no longer sane

i rose to my feet holding my drink
and her eyes at the same time
in a feat of dexterity that amazed even me
i walked a nearly straight
and narrow line across the room
and with no invitation took the seat across from her
words that needed saying i could not even think
an introduction seemed superfluous and asinine
for this much closer to her i found that i could see
myself reflected in her eyes, a fly in a spider’s loom
and the words i sought did not exist
they simply never were

her skin was far whiter than skin was meant to be
her lips were redder than a rose’s blood
her hair black as the midnight of a man’s soul
her eyes curled back and upwards
from a thin and delicate nose
a warm musk radiated from her like an angel in heat
i could not see the clothes she wore,
they meant nothing to me
from a whore’s red dress to a nun’s black hood
to an empty sack that once held coal
she opened my eyes so widely i was blinded to her clothes
as she drank from me with lapping sips
like a kitten at the teat

the room swirled swiftly ‘round me
and the light turned gold and warm
i swam and drowned and flew and fell
i saw lights like stars beneath my feet
and ships like shadows o’er my head

in the ‘morn i awoke in a dumpster
with leftovers leaving to fill a landfill
sticky memories a stain in my underwear
a head filled with yearning for unparallel pleasures
a vacuum i’d never felt before
and i crawled out of the filth and the feces
to see her once more

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